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Smadav Pro 12.4.2 Crack [Latest] 2019  Free Download With License Key

Smadav pro 12.4.2 serial key provides a solution to virus attacks on computers. It takes a little time to finish up scanning. This offers decent protection against different viruses within quick time.In addition, users will get several security features to protect the computer from online saboteurs. Smadav pro 12.4.2 crack is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and all other higher versions. Users who are willing to download this software can opt for Smadav free version to have a trial.

Features of Smadav Pro:

This software creates an additional support. After installation of an antivirus, it is impossible to run another antivirus. But, Smadav pro 12.4.2 serial number can be installed even if there is an antivirus installed on the PC. It features:

  • Low Resource Antivirus:

It takes minimal space to store. Without even slowing down the computer, this antivirus works great.

  • Compatible with USB drives:

Smadav detects viruses from USB Flashdisk. It can clean viruses and restore all necessary files.In addition, one can set admin password to keep Smadav safe from other users.


Smadav Pro Tools:

Smadav includes different tools to clean all these viruses. This software can fix registry changes. Its tools include:

  • Process Manager

Manage and process the program to run on compatible PC.

  • System Editor

Users are able to change settings that are changed by viruses.

  • Win-Force

It helps in force opening of system management programs.

Even users can do the cleaning of virus manually.Smadav Pro users will get an effective support of automatic update.

Latest Updates:

Latest Smadav pro 12.4.2 patch has got 230 new virus databases. Its developer has fixed bugs to enhance user experiences. It has come with fix to its false detection of some clean files. To download this software, users should visit the official site. Both Free version and Paid version are available to download. What are you thinking about?

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